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Simon Davies, Voice of Your Customers specialises in the design and management of customers at the heart of an organisations programme, through customer satisfaction, employee engagement, brand awareness and tracking business performance. We understand how important customers, employees and other stakeholder opinions are to business performance. Through our work we understand their mindset and delve deeper to solict their views and opinions that will ultimately support and direct business strategy.

What we can do for your business:

  • Measure User Satisfaction
  • Scope Customer Attitudes
  • Evaluate Customer Loyalty

We are a fully licensed user of SNAP Surveys software. We are members of the Market Research Society (MRS), Marketing Research Intelligence Association (MRIA of Canada), ensuring our research is fully compliant with the respective codes of conduct, along with the Data Protection Act. With these assurances of good practice and ethics, you can be confident that every part of the research project process is carefully thought out.

Your customers will confidentially and anonymously be able to evaluate characteristics such as opinions, perceptions, sentiment and other such attitudinal measures like satisfaction, and degree of loyalty to your business. We also look at implementing the brand advocacy measurement of the Net Promoter Score (NPS), to measure the proportion of customers that would recommend your business to friends, family or colleagues.

Through our own capability, we can execute full research projects, most methodologies directly. Where we require additional support and services, we work closely with some other key research professionals. We also work closely with another third party survey technology provider. We have the freedom to chose who we work with to meet our client needs. Rest assured they will be registered with either the MRS or MRIA. 

Voice of Your Customers can...

Undertake research across multiple countries through international survey methodology and designs and reporting – Click to see more projects
Provide both Quantitative and Qualitative research design, execution capability – Click to see more methodologies
Work with senior client stakeholders across all business units from Executives to Chief Executives.
Provide survey fieldwork execution utilising leading market research software programs and partners - Click to see how we work
Provide value for money, cost effective, reliable and efficient project management – Click to read testimonials

Voice of your...



  • Profile and segmentation
  • Visitor Surveys
  • Tourist Surveys
  • International Brand Awareness

Understanding your customer groups, whoever they are, wherever they are is essential for successful business performance. Develop an understanding of customer profiles, and customer engagement throughout the journey of interaction. Identify customer touch points, pain points in a programe of voice of your customers.



  • Employee Benefit Surveys
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Surveys
  • Employee Travel Surveys

Understand how your employees value the work place by measuring morale, function performance, communications, appraisals etc through attitudinal statements, and ratings.  What are the key attributes to employee and employer loyalty, salary and promotional prospects. Measure employer branding and strength of your brand.



  • Local Authority BVPI Household Surveys
  • Leisure Services Surveys
  • Planning Authority Surveys
  • Council Tax Surveys

Understand your local communities and residents views and opinions of council services through resident satisfaction surveys, measuring key performance indicators such as quality of life, programs, services and communications, environment, transport, parks and leisure services. 


Members & Students

  • Usage and Awareness Surveys
  • Salary Surveys
  • Prospective Students Pricing
  • Satisfaction, Expectation, and Net Promoter Score

Understand your current students perceptions, opinions of service provision and performance of your institution. Also understand employability and salary earning capability. Key Performance Indicators such as Net Promoter Score and satisfaction measurement also essential.

by Dr. Radut