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Working closely with your business stakeholders involved in marketing research projects we can clearly understand your business needs, requirements and objectives to ensure that we can fulfil our obligation to you in delivering strategic insights through the Voice of the Customer, to help you better understand the customer now and for the future.

We will design all our projects from a blank canvas, and work closely with you on advising the most appropriate methodology to suit your requirements and budget. Here is a selection of what marketing research services we can provide directly and those that we may require additional sub-contractor support. We have worked across an extensive range of business and industry sectors. Voice of Your Customers provides specific tailored and innovative research strategies based on individual client project needs. There is no right or wrong way when to use qualitative or quantitative methodologies. We will deploy the right mix that is appropriate to you and your target audiences. We can provide practical and actionable reporting, analyses and insights that allow businesses and organizations to make informed decisions. We have completed research in the following areas:

  • Customer usage, awareness, satisfaction, importance
  • Employee engagement and employer branding
  • Brand identity and awareness
  • Advertising campaign effectiveness
  • Pricing
  • Quality of life and salary surveys
  • Website user satisfaction and experience
  • Net Promoter Score and other strategic insights
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Questionnaire design

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Working closely with your business, understanding your objectives, we design questionnaires, for online or paper completion. We work through question flow, sequence, logic and testing to ensure a reliable, efficient and appealing survey is distributed to your customers. All questionnaires are designed in SNAP Surveys.

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Online Surveys

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As a licensed user of SNAP Surveys and SNAP Web Host software, we have full capability to design and undertake online surveys whether small or large.

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Telephone Surveys

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As a licensed user of SNAP Surveys and SNAP Web Host software, we have full capability to design telephone surveys, and work closely with selected agency partners to undertake interviews required.

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Focus Groups

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As a trained and experienced moderator, we can develop, prepare your topic guides and moderate focus groups for your project requirements. Depending on your location requirements, we may need to seek selected agency support.

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Insights Story Board Reporting

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We deliver story-led reporting and insights development utilising powerpoint as our main tool. We strive to deliver compelling, clear, easy to follow, quick to digest and most importantly focussed on identifying the strategic issues clients require for action and implementation.


Whether your project requires online or focus group methodology the ultimate aim is to better understand your customers, and maintain market share, satisfaction and customer retention.

We have significant experience in delivering projects that measure customer feedback whether this is a one off requirement or at critical touch points throughout the customer journey experience, and therefore tracked and trended over time.

This flow diagram with connector lines shows how each component is closely connected and related to each of the other strands within the marketing research and customer engagement.

By having a strong brand identity, is the potential for good brand awareness, supported by marketing and campaign activity and campaign effectiveness measurement. Projects like this may be seen as a phase one in marketing research and are often delivered through qualitative research such as focus groups. Campaign effectiveness can be delivered via online quantitative methodology to test customer awareness, perceptions and call to action. All other areas illustrated typically run concurrently across different intervals based on business activity.

The sphere illustration is taking the same information as the flow diagram, but presenting it in a different format to demonstrate that customer retention and satisfaction is often built around the brand, and other critical measurements such as customer services.

To see how we can help you further, please take a look through some of my completed projects.

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