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International Brand Client Research

Voice of your Customers
UK Brand Consultancy and International B2C/B2B Client

Voice of Your Customers was commissioned to provide marketing research analysis and reporting services working directly with the senior business leaders and consultants of a Brand Consultancy Agency ultimately delivering for their International client. The research fieldwork was previously completed by PUBLICeye and Voice of Your Customers was required to provide a fresh, clean and independent perspective on developing and creating a series of new reporting outputs from this large scale research project which covered existing client customers, lapsed customers and prospective customers. Voice of Your Customers worked with PUBLICeye to access the survey data and extract a series of data tables for reporting. Provided in this reporting was a series of business profiling analyses, and customer segmentation analysis based on key survey questions covering brand perception, brand product associations and attributes, customer satisfaction, net promoter score, gap analysis, decision making,  purchase responsibilities and expenditure. The entire research project was directly commissioned to support a strategic review of the clients brand position, identity and market positioning.

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