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Benefits and Council Tax Services 'Having Your Say' Survey

Voice of your Residents
Local Authority

As part of a Central Government initiative, I managed two surveys for a local authority to conduct Best Value 'Having Your Say' Survey on Council Tax and Benefits Services (BVPI 80). Meeting with the Head of Revenues, I designed the survey that had a requirement to be targeted to residents in receipt of Council Tax and Housing Benefits, conducted in bi-annual phases to monitor trends over time. The survey evaluated service procedures and degree of customer satisfactions with service delivery. Research was conducted for a district authority in the South East England, distributing over 2260 postal self-completion questionnaires to applicants that received a decision on their benefits application. Over 830 responses were achieved, in-line with government targets, resulted in some significant changes in service delivery and provision of facilities at council reception points, and reduction in processing times. A report was produced and presentations were made to the Head of Revenues and various team officers forming a working group.  

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