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Best Value Survey 'Having Your Say'

Voice of your Residents
Local Authority

As part of a Central Government initiative, I managed two surveys for a local authority to conduct Best Value 'Having Your Say' Survey of Corporate Services, (BVPI 3, 4, 89, 90a, 90b, and 119). Covering relevant areas of service delivery; quality of life, waste and litter collection, household waste collection, recycling facilities, doorstep recycling collection, cultural and recreational activities and services, council performance, complaints handling, and crime/anti-social behaviour. Working with Senior Managers, Directors of a district authority, I held responsibility to ensure specific Best Value Performance Indicators were collected and analysed according to government requirements. Postal self-completion questionnaires were distributed to over 7,400 randomly selected households, achieving 4,244 responses in-line with government targets. Various reports and presentations were produced and made to Senior Management Team and Cabinet. This survey was originally commissioned in 2000, where I also maintained full ownership and project management.

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