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Council Tax Consultation

Voice of your Residents
Local Authority

The Finance Director of a district authority had a business requirement to undertake a series of consultations in relation to proposed council tax and budget setting, ahead of year end. The nature of this research was complex, with vast volumes of information for resident population to digest and understand. To address these issues, I recommended multi-mode methodologies were required to ensure we engaged with the widest audience as possible. Focus Groups, newspaper adverts, leaflets, local authority members scrutiny committee, online survey, telephone hotline and a representative CATI survey were all adopted to provide means of taking part or requesting information. The whole process was to inform and educate respondents ahead inviting their participation to quantify solutions, proposals etc. Over 700 residents were consulted and provided detailed research opinions which strongly influenced the decision making process and council tax budget setting. A report was produced and presentations were made to the Head of Revenues and various team officers forming a working group.  

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