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Residents Household Survey

Voice of your Residents
Local Authority

Requiring a budget in-excess of £35,000 per annum, on-going commitment and support was granted by Councillors to commission annual Residents Household Survey from 1999 through to 2005, to enable a representative sample of residents to engage with their local authority, and to give their opinion and feedback on many issues affecting council business and the community. As a Corporate initiative essential input was required from all business functions and inclusion of key priority business policies were required in time for results to influence the business planning and budget cycle. I was working with Senior Management and Directors of a district authority and held responsibility for managing and commissioning seven face to face interviewer surveys with combined project management with a research agency providing fieldwork resources, and analyses. Key local authority service areas investigated were communications, publications, internet usage, quality of life, community involvement, leisure facilities, planning, smoking, refuse & recycling, marketing, continuous performance assessment (CPA), information technology, young people/activities, resident associations, community safety, and awareness and satisfaction with local councillors. Annual report and presentation were produced and presented to Senior Management Teams and Cabinet, with data provided and analysed in time series trend format for monitoring overall business performance effectiveness.

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