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Business Confidence Monitor of Mid-Sized Businesses

Voice of your Students and Members
Professional Qualification Provider

With challenging economic conditions for every business large or small, domestic or international, I identified an opportunity to design and launch a survey to students and members working in mid-size businesses designed to identify and monitor their degree of confidence with various in business trends. Factors being monitored were economic confidence, government policy decisions and recovery of recession, turnover, staffing, training, budgets, profit, salaries to mention but a few, and trend change across quarterly periods. The survey was initially launched in the UK, and extended to Republic of Ireland, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. This survey provided good representation of the opinion of mid-size companies in the UK economy and their performance before, during and after the change of government in 2010. As it has been developed the survey has created the business economic confidence Index for medium sized companies. The survey findings are also shared with business members, policy makers at a national and regional level. The survey is also used by the business community, researchers, academics and national and local government concerned with business and economic policy for mid-sized businesses. Members are also using the survey findings as a basis for making business decisions, getting to know more about trends in their sectors, as well as focusing the context as performance trends are identified and how this impacts their business. Each quarter survey produced summary results with an annual report prepared containing full trend data, analysis and interpretations.  Today the survey has maintained a good legacy since being initiatied in 2009 with modifications to the questionnaire and topical questions asked, now being managed by a fellow colleague.

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