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International Student and Member Salary Survey

Voice of your Students and Members
Professional Qualification Provider

This project was owned by the Research Department, along with close connections with the commercial sponsorship team. I originally led the development and re-scope of this research in 2009, when such surveys were of a ad-hoc status, transforming them into an annual multi-country survey design and fieldwork covering international markets of students and members and based on robust statistical viability and ability to achieve good responses rates for analysis, insight and reporting. Working with a research colleague, the survey design incorporated significant changes to questions, broadening the appeal beyond salary and income, to cover, benefits, promotion prospects, work life balance, migration, skills, training, satisfaction with workplace, remunerations and benefits and likeliness to change jobs. The 2010 research requirement grew with membership from seven country reports in the first year to fifteen country reports in the second year for student salary surveys. This research was successful in many ways not just coverage, but a great promotion and marketing tool, retention tool, employability tool and career prospects route map. The country reports were also coveted with the title as most downloaded document from a web portal. 

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