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International Brand Identity Research

Voice of your Students and Members
Professional Qualification Provider

On this project I worked closely with the Head of Brand and Marketing Services, and Brand Manager to put in place a business case for undertaking international research into the brand identity, brand standards, and to develop a better understanding of what existing customer perceptions were. I prepared a comprehensive topic guide and support materials, when approval was given to undertake research focus groups in key markets, South Africa, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and China with members and students. The research tested brand features, logo, publications, messaging, language and tone as key attributes. As a business with multiple coloured logo’s the research identified this as a key issue in recognition, value and representation with different markets each having strong views. Ultimately the research led to one corporate colour and brand logo design. As a business the research gave significant insight into areas previously unknown, such as appeal, use, and relevance of publications. 

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